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We pledge to make your giving as easy as possible and will find any opportunity to remind you how much we are grateful for your support. One of those ways is our Donor Wall. We know that when you give you do so from generosity, not expecting anything in return, but we’re so touched by your generosity that we feel we must show our heartfelt thanks in any way we can. Giving a nod in appreciation for your donation is one of the most eloquent ways we know. We have a diverse menu of methods to accept your contribution, and humbly appeal for your support.

Explore Other Giving Methods


We’ve made it easy for you to choose how to help us. The simplest way to support us is by donating online. Not only is it secure, but you’ll also receive immediate acknowledgment of your gift. As a 501c (3) tax-exempt organization, all your donations are eligible for tax exemption to the extent allowed by law. Whichever method you choose to help us — either way, we thank you very much for your generous support. Make an online donation here.

We enjoy recognizing our donors publicly. Unless you choose otherwise, we will recognize your giving according to our Donor Wall guidelines.



800 Jerusalem Avenue
PO Box 53
Uniondale, NY 11553-0053

We are also registered to do business as John J. Byrne Community Center | UNIONDALE, so it’s perfectly okay to write your check that way, as well.
We enjoy recognizing our donors publicly. Unless you choose otherwise, we will recognize your giving according to our Donor Wall guidelines.

You can Reduce your Taxable Income when you take your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

Your gift, which must be transferred directly from your IRA to UNIONDALE NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER, INC. counts toward your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and can be excluded from your federal taxable income. Please, check with your accountant for more information.

To initiate a transfer, contact your IRA administrator. To ensure proper crediting at UNIONDALE NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER, INC. you will need to notify us. Downloadable sample letters are provided here for your convenience in the process.


We enjoy recognizing our donors publicly. Unless you choose otherwise, we will recognize your giving according to our Donor Wall guidelines.

You can donate marketable securities such as stocks

Marketable securities are deposited to our investment banking account for management by professionals. When giving long-term appreciated stock to UNIONDALE NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER, INC. donors may take a charitable income tax deduction for its mean fair market value on the gift’s date and avoid capital gains tax. Please consult with your accountant and investment managers. To make a stock gift, please contact us to begin the process with our management professionals.

We enjoy recognizing our donors publicly. Unless you choose otherwise, we will recognize your giving according to our Donor Wall guidelines.

Low-cost, Convenient, and Tax-Efficient Charitable Giving

Open a Donor-Advised Account and donate

Uniondale Neighborhood Center, Inc. has undertaken to build an endowment with a targeted goal of $6 million. An estimated 5% annual ROI on this this amount, should we be successful will yield sufficient cash flow ($300,000 annually) to operate the new community center, in its present configuration.

Individuals and corporate entities who share our values and commitment to provide youth and family community services may help by contributing through a donor-advised fund. We have identified Vanguard Charitable for this purpose.


How it Works

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is an account for charitable giving designed exclusively to invest, grow, and give assets to charities for meaningful and lasting impact. Open your account in minutes, make a tax-deductible contribution to your account, then recommend a grant to your favorite charity. We perform due diligence and send the check. It’s that easy.


Contribute – Donate strategically, benefit greatly

Once you open a DAF and contribute assets, you take an immediate tax deduction. Vanguard Charitable is a 501(c)(3) public charity, so all contributions to your account are considered charitable donations.

Choose an asset to donate
Review instructions and sign required documents
Submit materials to Vanguard Charitable


Invest – Maximize impact, minimize cost

You recommend how the assets should be invested. We take care of the rest. Since assets are the property of Vanguard Charitable, your account can grow tax-free over time, allowing for a greater philanthropic impact.


Grant – Support charities you believe in

Find a charity you wish to support [Uniondale Neighborhood Center, Inc.] and recommend a grant. We will ensure the organization is a qualified 501(c)(3) charity and issue a grant check to the [Uniondale Neighborhood Center, Inc.]. Supporting your favorite charities is easy.

To protect your tax deduction and philanthropic intentions, due diligence is performed for every grant recommendation you send. As part of this service, we conduct extensive research on the charities selected for grants and evaluate each charity’s tax-exempt status, intentional use of the grant, and potential impermissible benefits gained from the grant.


Legacy – Leave a legacy of giving

Giving back can last a lifetime and beyond. Once your account is open and you make a contribution, you can craft a succession plan to establish a legacy of giving. https://www.vanguardcharitable.org/giving-with-vc/how-it-works

One unique aspect of a donor-advised fund (DAF) account is the ability to continue charitable giving beyond your lifetime. A giving legacy, laid out in a succession plan, is an effective way to ensure assets in your account continue to fulfill your giving goals after you pass.

Who is Vanguard Charitable?

Vanguard Charitable (EIN: 23-2888152) is a leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase philanthropy and maximize its impact over time. We do this by sponsoring donor-advised funds (DAFs).

How to Contribute

To open an account, the minimum initial contribution is $25,000 and the minimum additional contribution is $5,000. Contributions initiated through vanguard.com, that are in good order and submitted before 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, can be processed the same business day. All other contributions must be received, in good order, by 1:00 p.m. Eastern time, for same-day processing.

Keep in mind

Contributing assets to your charitable giving account is simple. The first step: Select an asset to donate. We accept many types of assets, such as cash/check, appreciated securities, mutual funds, complex assets and more. https://www.vanguardcharitable.org/giving-with-vc/how-it-works/contributions/how-to

Please note that the statements contained in the foregoing are taken directly from the website of Vanguard Charitable, and may not be entirely accurate at all times. We recommend that you visit their website at www.vanguardcharitable.org or contact them for more verifiable information.

You can maximize your donations in a variety of ways

Employer Matching

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match contributions made to Uniondale Neighborhood Center by their employees. To find out if your company matches employee gifts, contact your HR Benefits Department. Upon receipt of Matching Gifts, all matching contributions will count toward a donor’s total giving.

Recurring Giving

Support UNIONDALE NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER, INC. automatically — on a monthly or annual basis — via credit card or monthly checks (by completing a pledge form) to ensure that you are counted as a donor every year to help us plan more effectively. 

Other ways to give include:

>>> Insurance Policies
>>> Real Estate
>>> Will Bequest
>>> Securities Portfolios, like 401K, 403B, Annuities

Contact us to discuss your options. 

In-Kind Donations

Useable and re-distributable items of furniture, equipment, paintings, books, and other valuable items are welcome donations. They provide us options for strengthening our infrastructure and raising funds through auctions, yard sales, and other fundraising events.

Join our fundraising initiatives

Our fundraising runs the gauntlet from events, sale of items, auctions, or a selection of passive fundraising programs. We invite you to help us fundraise from any of these events.

>>> Teamwork

>>> Events

>>> Blog

Note: We enjoy recognizing our donors publicly. Unless you choose otherwise, we will recognize your giving according to our Donor Wall guidelines.