How we derive the financial support to bring you the services you need

At John J Byrne Community Center we feel that childhood should be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploration, and discovery. When provided with an environment for learning and sharing, children, teenagers, and adults will flourish and prosper. They will learn to master and safely express their feelings and address life’s challenges.

Agency Partners

The organization is sustained financially through partnerships with other nonprofit organizations or Agencies who need space to operate. As an agency you agree to a binding commitment of financial support to our organization in exchange for space to operate from. You benefit from the location, accessibility, care of facility, and relationships we offer which allow you to flourish in your mission.


In addition to the Programs and services our partner agencies offer, we also may offer other programs which may be funded through government or corporate grants, donations, or fee for services. An example of these programs is the Martial Arts Club which is funded primarily by user fees.

Seminars, Workshops and Classes

To keep you informed, all that’s available from public resources – civic and government, financial, personal development, and recreational providers are encouraged to partner with us to bring them to you. Often, they are possible through the appropriate financial or in-kind support from the Seminar provider.


Civic organizations who need to schedule meetings for their organizations may commit to an annual membership fee or “case-by-case fee” for the convenience of pre-scheduling their meetings, or event activities, in addition to other needed services. Membership tiers are available, depending on your need.


Civic and other organizations may partner with us for various community events or use our facility for their event in exchange for financial support. Others may need a venue for their event such as birthdays, weddings, showers, repasts and other activities. Events of these types are pre-scheduled in cooperation with the patron according to our current protocols.

Endowment Fund

Further to the above forms of our sustainability strategy we encourage our supporters to assist us in helping to build a robust Endowment Fund to ensure long-term sustainability.

Methods of Support

Supporting our sustainability goals through these avenues (Agencies, Programs, Seminars, Membership, Events) or other means are as easy as Contacting us and using our convenient online Methods of support.