Ways to Help Your Local and Global Community

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Have you noticed that people in your community are struggling? Do you feel motivated to step up and help?

From working to end hunger with a food bank to organizing a community cleanup, you have the power to bring positive change to your town and the world beyond it. Here, the John J. Byrne Community Center offers solutions to make life a little brighter for the people around you and beyond. 

Helping Locally

Are you ready to take action in the service of your community? These resources will inspire you!

  • Do you want to donate to a local food bank? Reach out to one in your community and give to those in need. 
  • If you’ve noticed lots of litter on the ground in your neighborhood, it’s time to get your social circle together for a volunteer cleanup.
  • Consider volunteering with the John J. Byrne Community Center to help them expand their reach in the community. 

International Efforts

What can you do to help people who live outside of your community – or even outside of your own country’s borders? Check out these resources for ideas!

  • If you want to donate to an international charity, do a little research first to ensure they are a reputable organization.  
  • Sometimes, when sending donation money overseas, whether to China, India, or Uganda, your best bet is to use a remittance service to ensure safe and secure delivery. 
  • Want to know how you can make the most significant impact, even with small donations? Explore the concept of effective altruism
  • Do you love to travel? Think about how you could take the opportunity to volunteer abroad.

Start Your Own Nonprofit

What if you can’t find an organization addressing a cause you think is essential? You could always start your own!

  • Come up with a comprehensive plan for your nonprofit and outline your specific ideas.
  • Find out if your state will allow you to structure your nonprofit as an LLC.  
  • Do you need funding to provide certain services? It’s time to apply for grants!

Find out how you can support individuals and families in need in your area. Let’s work together to end hunger in our local communities.

Gloria Martinez of WomenLed.org.

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