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Take Self-Care Up a Notch!

Balancing a full-time job, personal responsibilities, and a side hustle can be extremely challenging.

With so much to do and so little available time, you may feel like you have no way to include self-care into your daily routine. 

Self-care often refers to indulgent relaxation: pouring a glass of wine, taking a hot bath, minding your thoughts, etc. However, individuals diagnosed with diabetes need to be careful when choosing which practices to adopt. Some habits — like sipping more alcohol than the minimum amount allowed — can ultimately cause more issues than relief for those suffering from this condition. 

Here are a few self-care activities the John J. Byrne Community Center has identified as well-suited for people with diabetes.

Don’t Overbook by Learning to Say “No.”

​Many people learn that the word “No” is unkind or rude from an early age. While this may be true for a screaming toddler, Think Productive notes it’s not the case for adults. Those who overbook and overwork themselves by doing everything asked are especially at risk, so be mindful of this. 

Unfortunately, our culture associates being busy with success — a massive scam — so learning to say “No” respectfully is paramount as an entrepreneur starting a side-hustle. If you agree with every request that comes your way, you’ll never have the time to recharge and rest, which can, in turn, affect your physical health. It will also lower your ability to perform and perhaps even nurture resentment towards the people who asked you to do whatever you agreed to do. It’s simpler to say “Yes” to the most important things for you.


Manage Time Wisely

As a professional, there are some things to which you can’t say “No.” When prioritizing and sorting your obligations, Figari recommends putting basic business operations first. These should include bookkeeping, keeping your software up-to-date, and managing your customer outreach. 

Happily, there are plenty of methods to help you with time management. You can easily make a timesheet in a spreadsheet, simplifying your time tracking and scheduling. You can schedule Software updates that can automatically occur during off-hours, and you can similarly automate things like social media marketing posts. Whenever a routine task is at hand, find ways to make it faster, simpler, and generally less burdensome.


Rest Well

It can be challenging to get sufficient rest when you’re busy, but a lack of quality sleep can lead to concentration, anxiety, memory, and numerous physical issues. Therefore, it’s essential to set limits regarding your tasks, such as not answering emails or taking phone calls during dinner time. It’s also imperative to eliminate foods and drinks that can keep you awake and set up your bedroom to optimize comfort by using blackout curtains and a high-quality mattress.

Just Breathe

As Oasis asserts, mental health, physical health, and emotional health are connected. Side hustles come in countless shapes and forms, but no matter how you choose to make some more money, it’s easy to push yourself to the maximum every day, ultimately damaging yourself in all these regards at once. 

Slowing down and learning to relax can help you reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm, so consider using some breathing techniques associated with meditation or yoga. If you can take a few minutes every day to be mindful, you will be surprised by how much better you feel, especially when you have to handle so many things regularly.

Attend Annual Medical Exams

Seeing an ophthalmologist every year is part of maintaining good eye care. The regular visit can help catch early signs of retinopathy, a condition characterized by blurred vision or partial blindness that usually occurs in more advanced diabetes stages. Besides attending annual eye exams, you should also have your physician perform all the necessary exams on you to measure the disease and other health issues. 

With so many groups looking to advance the medicinal field, more treatments and solutions appear each year, so make sure to check your condition with your doctor regularly.


Neglecting your self-care routine in favor of your side hustle is one of the quickest paths to mental health issues, physical ailments, and emotional burnout. On the other hand, striving towards success while practicing self-care can help you reach the top of your field while feeling excellent — mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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