9 Tips for Boosting Mental Health That You Haven’t Tried

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If you don’t foster your mental health daily, you’re not going to be able to sustain a happy, fulfilling life for the long term.

You probably know how regular critical exercise, good sleep, and a nutritious diet achieve optimal health and wellness. But did you know that there are countless other things you can do to give your mental health a boost? 

John J. Byrne Community Center has compiled a list of unique strategies for improving your mental health and wellness. And each of them can realistically fit into your routine! 

1. Learn tai chi   

This ancient Chinese exercise is an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety. And it has the added benefit of improving your balance and flexibility!

2. Head to the wilderness 

Few things can quiet a soul more than spending time in nature. Plan a weekend to unplug from technology and camp in the wilderness to focus on yourself and regain a healthy perspective on life. Okay, you can stay at a campsite and still get the mental health benefits! If you’re unsure where to start planning your camping trip, turn to sites like KOA.

3. Volunteer for a trial   

All types of clinical health trials are essentially scientific studies aimed to identify effective methods for detecting, treating, and preventing various illnesses. You can discover more about yourself and contribute to the greater good by volunteering for a mental health trial. 

4. Hit the (school) books

Going back to school is more accessible than it’s ever been. Thanks to technology, you can earn a degree in almost any field entirely online. Along with improving your career prospects and boosting your self-confidence, taking online courses can give you the flexibility necessary to balance your other life commitments.

5. Take a self-reflective vacation

Have you ever taken a vacation before with the sole focus of working on yourself? Plan a trip where you get away to relax and become mindful of the present. Where you should go depends on your preferences, but it never hurts to meditate on the beach or in the mountains!

6. Find old friends online

Another way that the internet can play a role in your mental health improvement is by helping you reconnect with old friends. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are excellent resources for finding pals from high school or college!

7. Buy something nice   

Sometimes you need to invest in yourself. Think of any items or experiences that could inspire you towards self-improvement. Maybe that means purchasing a leadership book or workout equipment. Or perhaps that means getting a vacation rental for a few days so that you can get away and write down your thoughts in a journal. 

8. Deep clean your home

Sure, cleaning is not the most fun thing for many of us. But clutter and mess—even if minor—can cause stress and sour your mood. Try purging your belongings, vacuuming the floor, and wiping down all the surfaces in your home, and see if it doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks!

9. Get some house plants

Finally, improve your interior design while reeling in lots of health benefits by investing in house plants. There is no shortage of plants to benefit your interior design and simultaneously purify the air as bunny ear cacti, Elephant Ears (alocasia plants), Chinese money plants, or Snake Plant (sansevieria moonshine).

Along with exercise, sleep, and diet, think of other ways to improve your mental health. The tips above are great to start, but you are creative enough to find even more methods. Take time to reflect on your needs and start trying new things to spice up your life!

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